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Basic Facts about DIAMIRON™

Basic Configuration and Features

  • DIAMIRON is a co-extruded, multi-layered, non-oriented film produced by laminating different resins to add various features*.
  • * Oxygen barrier performance, damp proof performance, non-attachment properties, aroma retention, easy-peel properties, chemical resistance and pinhole resistance It is finished with quick cooling to produce a high transparency level.

  • It is finished with quick cooling to produce a high transparency level.
  • It is possible to produce cohesive failure films, delamination films, resealable films, and many other types of easy-peel films.

Diverse Applications

It is used in a broad array of fields including food, drug, medical equipment, and industrial product packaging.

We offer an array of models to suit customer needs, including those for deep-draw packaging, laminating films, bags (bottom-sealed bags, three-edge-sealed bags, and pillows).

DIAMIRON Production Environment

Hygiene control appropriate to production of food packaging film is in place.

Our clean room enables us to provide hygiene control for drug packaging film.


We have an infrastructure for rapid product development based on collaboration among the sales, development, and production teams.

Your inquiry will be instantly communicated to development personnel.

Unique Film Solution Services

To meet your needs and expectations, we analyze and evaluate films and provide information.

Examples of analyses

  • Composition analysis (FT-IR, microscope, DSC)
  • Corner thickness
  • Seal strength (easy-peel strength)
  • Drop test
  • Foreign particle analysis
  • Pinhole analysis
  • Vacuum leak check
  • Packing test
  • Mechanical properties (tensile strength, tensile stretch, bending strength, tearing strength, piping strength, hydroshot testing)
  • Slip properties (coefficient of friction, etc.)
  • Electrical characteristics (surface-specific resistance value, electrostatic propensity, etc.)
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, TMA, etc.)
  • Physical properties (water absorption, contact angle, chemical resistance, gas permeability, vapor permeability, wettability, etc.)
  • Optical properties (haze, glossiness, spectrophotometry, color difference, etc.)

We are ready to perform other analyses than those above. Please contact our sales representative.

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